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Welcome to CAD Corner North America

Welcome to CAD Corner and thanks for visiting. You can find all kinds of free AutoCAD tools here. Feel free to download any of the AutoCAD LISP routines, AutoCAD blocks, AutoCAD details, text styles or AutoCAD hatch patterns. They're all free! Be sure to check out some other great AutoCAD sites on our links page. Thanks for visiting our site and please come back soon!

CAD Corner treat #1:

Beam Converter.xls. This excel program allows you to select a structural steel member from the list and it will give you all of the dimensional information for that member. It will even tell you what both the metric and imperial sizes are. There is also a hyperlink at the bottom of the table that will take you to a fully dimensioned diagram of the member. We, at CAD Corner, hope that you find this Excel spreadsheet useful and share it with others

CAD Corner treat #2:

Steel.rar. This is a great lisp routine for anyone that works with structural steel or with architecture where you want each and every structural entity to scale. Comes with an easy to use dialog box. Just type in "SS" and that begins the command (Once it's loaded into autocad of course!). To load this lisp routine first off extract the rar file to a place on your computer (for this example we will extract the rar file to "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2013\steel"). First off we have to set AutoCAD up so that it has this folder in it's search path. To do this open up AutoCAD and type in "options" at the command prompt. This will open your options dialogue box, go to the "Files" tab and select "Support File Search Path". Now on the right hand side of the Options window click on "Add..." and then click on the "Browse..." button and then browse to the location that you extracted the steel.rar file to (in this example "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2013\steel") and click "Ok". Now that you have all of that done and you click "Ok" we have set AutoCAD up so that it loads the Lisp routine everytime that you open AutoCAD. At the command prompt type in "appload". This will bring up the "Load/Unload Applications" window. In the bottom right side of the window you will see a small box that says "Startup Suite", click on the "Contents" button. Browse to C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2013\steel and double click on steel.lsp. Click on "Ok" in the "Load/Unload Applications" window, and you're ready to go. Just type in "ss" to start the steel lisp routine and away you go.

Hope this helps you out!

CAD Corner Tutorials Section

The CAD Corner Tutorials section helps you learn how to use AutoCAD like the professional drafters behind the concept of this website. We hope these articles help you become a CAD guru.

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By Allan and Mike

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