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Text Styles

Below is a list of text styles that I have compiled over the past 6 years of working in CAD. If they are of any use to you please feel free to click on the link to download them. (NOTE: You may need to right click and select "Save Target As")

Font Files for Download

@extfont2.shx Isocp3.shx
ArchD.shx Isoct.shx
ArchF.shx Isoct2.shx Isoct3.shx
Archisel.shx Italic.shx
ArchS.shx Italicc.shx
Arch-SS.shx Italict.shx
Archstyl04.shx kk.shx
ArchT.shx MLeroy.shx Monotxt.shx
Bigfont.shx Romanc.shx Romand.shx Romant.shx Scriptc.shx Scripts.shx Serpentine.ttf Simplex.shx Special.shx
Gbcbig.shx Syastro.shx Symap.shx
Gothicg.shx Symath.shx
Greekc.shx Symeteo.shx
Greeks.shx Symusic.shx Txt.shx Vertical.shx  

By Allan and Mike

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